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The Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens are open from dawn to dusk each day and entry is free. Our new Friends’ Centre is open daily between 10am and 2pm. Guided walks are available by prior appointment. The gardens are located on Ashmore Rd adjacent to Royal Pines (map).



2011 Events Calendar

Tuesday 11th October Qld Arbor Day
Sunday 27th November Special general meeting and AGM to start at 8.30am… Then at 10.30am the launch of ‘Birdwings’ New Home’ by ABC Local Radio’s Peter Scott. Note: Due to summer heat, no planting will be undertaken.

Wedding DJ Melbourne

Wedding DJ Melbourne
A wedding is a special occasion; therefore, good entertainment is critical. Melbourne is home to high-end wedding DJs with an unparalleled experience. The Wedding DJ Melbourne understands the importance of wedding day to the bride and groom. Therefore, he will endeavor to ensure he provides good quality music for clients. He provides premium services since he is trained to play music at weddings by making the choice of music that blends well with the mood of the people. Planning for a wedding is stressful; therefore, Wedding DJ Melbourne will ensure entertainment relieves the stress at the end of the day. Apart from providing music, Wedding DJ Melbourne would also offer MC job if requested. He has a team of well-trained professionals available on demand. Wedding DJ Melbourne give you the opportunity to choose the kind of music you would want to be played. In most cases, he works with wedding Committees in coming up with the entertainment program. Once Wedding DJ Melbourne has been contracted to perform, he brings along all necessary equipment to the site well in advance before the function begins. Once the function is wound up, the DJ would collect their tools and vacate the venue after conducting a good entertainment job.

Things to Consider when Looking for end of Lease Cleaning Brisbane Professionals

Things to Consider when Looking for end of Lease Cleaning Brisbane Professionals

One of the things every person considers is to save an all services that are offered. However, more important is the fact that one needs services that will reflect perfection and a fulfillment of their plans. This is what makes it difficult to get reliable end of lease cleaning Brisbane professionals because most companies are merely interested in making profit at the expense of catering for the needs of their clients. This is what motivates one to search for information that can shine some light to the best professionals in the market. 

Before hiring end of lease clean Brisbane by Quality Cleaning Services, it is advisable to probe into their experience record. Take some time to learn about their past records and achievements. This is a good measure to establish whether they are fit for the job. Hiring experienced end of lease cleaning Brisbane professionals is something that comes with the benefit of perfection. They are able to implement all instructions that are presented to them perfectly leaving a clean surface. However, working with novice end of lease cleaning Brisbane professionals could mean losses because of the mere fact that they may lack necessary tools to make their works possible. 

The reputation of a company also counts when one is looking to hire them. Therefore, it is good to consider working with well reputed companies that have been serving for many years. This is advisable for the mere fact that they will be interested in keeping their good reputation as well as to attract more clients. Most end of lease cleaning Brisbane professionals will tell clients that they are the best, but will conceal details about disputes they have had in the past. Take some time to learn about any company before hiring them. Inquire about rates and their terms while working with you.

Reputable Furniture Removalists in Perth, WA

Reputable Removalists in Perth, WA

Moving in or out of Perth, Western Australia isn’t a hard task thanks to the many available removalist companies in the large metropolis. If a person is on the lookout for removalists in Perth, he’ll be able to easily find a number of qualified and highly respected companies. Removalists in Perth specialise in furniture removals, true to their name. If a growing family is moving out of a small home into a larger one in the nearby suburbs, for example, professional removalists can be of great assistance. 

Removalists in Perth don’t exclusively focus on furniture removal service, either. They also regularly provide furniture packing and storage assistance. If an individual is extremely stressed out and busy due to all of the things he needs to get done to prepare for a big move, furniture removalists Perth at http://www.fragileremovals.com.au/perth/ can help provide a lot of necessary peace of mind.

When people research removalists in Perth, they should assess many different factors. Some companies, for example, concentrate exclusively on local moving services. Other companies, on the other hand, provide all types of moving services, interstate assistance included. Since Perth is home to all varieties of moving companies, people shouldn’t have a tough time finding a business that’s ideal for their specific needs and preferences, however.

The Internet can be a good resource for people who are planning moves. If a person needs to locate an established removalist company in the area, he can do a quick Internet search to find some of his nearest options. If he wants to make sure that a company is trusted and respectable, he can read available online reviews, too. It usually isn’t hard for people to find dependable online reviews for businesses. Positive reviews can make the decision to work with a certain removalist company a much easier process, after all. People who have patience can usually make great decisions in working with removalist businesses. Fragile Removals

Luxury Home Builders Melbourne Bring Dreams to Life

Luxury Home Builders Melbourne Bring Dreams to Life

One of the challenges that Melbourne area home buyers face when trying to find a great property to buy is finding a space that has all of the luxurious upgrades they desire in a perfect location in the city. In many cases, home buyers feel that they must settle when making a home purchase. Their goal may be to find a home that closely matches their needs and desires, and they have plans to make changes to the home later on. While this is one option available to you, another idea is to work with luxury home builders Melbourne. They can bring your dream home to life for you. 

Luxury home builders Melbourne can help you to build the perfect home that is designed exactly to your specifications. You will not have to worry later about making changes to the home after you have moved into it. It will be constructed exactly as you desire. Your luxury homes Melbourne by Lifestyle By Design will take time to learn more about your desires and will create a gorgeous home that has all of the upgrades and luxurious amenities that you desire in your space. 

If you have already started to look for a lovely home that is ideal for you and you have experienced the challenge associated with finding an existing home, you may consider reaching out to luxury home builders Melbourne for assistance. By working with luxury home builders Melbourne, you will be able sit down with a designer and architect who will listen aptly to your desires and wishes. A beautiful home plan will be created and revised so that it is perfect for you before construction on your dream home begins. By taking this step, you will be able to move right into into a home that is already perfect for you without having to make any changes to it after you move in.

Skechers Shoes: Are They the Right Fit for You?

Skechers Shoes: Are They the Right Fit for You?
These days when shopping for footwear, it’s fair to say that we are somewhat spoiled for choice. So, it can be easy to overlook some of the tried and tested brands that have seemingly been around forever. Skechers shoes are one of those brands and having been originally geared more towards the skate shoe market, you could be forgiven for having overlooked their more recent product lines.

It’s not that the words “Skechers shoes at Brand House Direct” hasn’t always been synonymous with quality. It’s more that since they were released onto the market, they were so popular within the skating community that it’s possible the brand became pigeonholed due to levels of success in that community.

It was inevitable that at some point, a foray into the more mainstream and trendy styles would be necessary. This is something that Skechers shoes, to their credit, have managed to do both quietly and seamlessly. 

Gone are the days where the skaters, punks, goths and mall kids have a monopoly on Skechers creative output, as they used to. As of 2015, Skechers shoes offers a wide range of shoes, boots, athletic trainers, dress, casual and work shoes for both men and women.

As we learn more about how footwear can significantly impact our mobility and exercise it can be difficult to keep pace with the ever changing fads and gimmicks. The footwear industry has become so competitive that it is no longer good enough just to look the part, but there must also be a science behind the higher end sports shoes.

One thing is certain about Skechers shoes, and that is despite branching
out into different markets, none of the luster or romance for the brand has been lost, and each pair still comes safe with the knowledge that durability and quality are both top focuses of this brand.